Statistics and Sources

97% of Americans think students need real-world skills to succeed beyond school

The Leadership Conference Education Fund National Survey of Common Core” (2015)

45% of high school graduates feel prepared for post-secondary pathways

“Learning from Student Voice” Youth Truth Student Survey (2015) – link

53% of college graduates are un- or under-employed

“53% of Recent College Grads are Jobless or Underemployed – How?” The Atlantic (2012) – link

47% of U.S. employment is at risk of being automated out of existence

“The Future of Employment: How Susceptible are Jobs to Computerisation?” Frey, Carl B. & Osborn, Michael A. (September 17, 2013) – link

14% of low-income students earn a Bachelor’s degree within 8 years

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 2015

93% of parents and students say that finding a career passion is important

“The Value and Promise of Career Technical Education Fact Sheet.” Advance CTE (2018) – link

78% of graduates from CTE programs matriculate directly into college

“Career Technical Education: Myth and Facts.” Advance CTE (2017) – link