This story is a perfect example of how our schools are fulfilling our mission of collaborating to grow seats of quality education city by city. STC Milwaukee has pledged to grow to 20,000 seats of quality education by 2020, and they just made a major advancement towards that goal. (Click here to catch up on all of the collaboration happening in Milwaukee.)

St. Marcus School has just completed Phase I of its campus expansion and now provides a college preparatory education to 600 students, predominantly minority and low income. “In this varied world we live in… the power of one brings us together.”

What’s their most Effective Practice? From Superintendent Henry Tyson: “Children understand that they are created by god, they are created in his image, and they are created for a purpose.”

“Together we are opening doors and expanding minds.”

For more about St. Marcus’ and our other faith-based schools’ Effective Practices, please read this previous post: Faith Based Schools are Vital to Education Reform.