Amazing end of year news is pouring in across the national Schools That Can network. Here’s the latest:

Eric Legrand Inspires St. Philip’s Graduation in Newark.

Harlem Academy Grade Seven Poetry.

In seventh grade, students explored the power of poetry as a tool for expression. They read Harlem Renaissance poetry and a poetry infused young-adult novel called Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes. To round out the the unit, students wrote and performed their own poetry. Read more.

All Cristo Rey High School graduates are off to college.

“The graduates of Cristo Rey Boston High School before the school’s graduation ceremony Friday. All 52 of the students have been accepted to four-year colleges.”

Are They Ready? Without Question. Milwaukee College Prep (Click here to join MCP’s mailing list):

All indications show that our scholars are more than ready to tackle high school, college and beyond. As we close our remarkable 2011-2012 school year and assess our impact, we have more data that affirms we are indeed providing our scholars with an unparalleled education.

When comparing our recent Measures of Academic Performance (MAP) scores, a test that is taken three times a year by more and more schools across Wisconsin, we asked how our 8th grade graduating class stacked up against high school students at some of Milwaukee’s highest performing public high schools. In order to find the closest comparables, we had to evaluate our 8th grade scores to the scores of the high school seniors.

8th graders from Milwaukee College Prep 36th Street Campus outperformed seniors from Riverside, Rufus King and Reagan in Reading and Math!

8th graders from Milwaukee College Prep’s new Lloyd Street Campus matched the Reading scores of Rufus King seniors and were just a few points shy of Rufus King seniors’ Math scores!

Scoring on par or better than seniors at Rufus King, which was just named the best high school in the State of Wisconsin, gives us confidence that Milwaukee College Prep graduates are fully prepared to take on their next challenges on the way to college and beyond.