It’s imperative for students of all backgrounds, ethnicity, race and income to have the opportunity for a quality education.

Here at Schools That Can, we aim to ensure that every child has that access. The collaboration and support we give to our schools is all part of the collective effort of each individual to help give light to the potential living in every student. School leader Tom Gill shares his experience in the relationship his school has with STC.

It is the simplest of lessons: share. Schools That Can has become a central nervous system where high quality schools around the country come together and share best practices to help others meet the challenges of urban education. The national conference in particular brings together educators from throughout the U.S. and provides a space to take a deep breath, dive into key questions, and gather ideas from other school leaders. No matter your model, if you’re doing good work, and you want to do better work, check out STC.

– Tom Gill, Chief Operating and Development Officer of Urban Community School