STC Newark Virtual Career Chat

E2E Career Chat Series

In response to school closures due to COVID-19, students in our e2e (Education 2 Employment) program participated in virtual Career Chats that allowed them to hear directly from our industry partners. Thank you to all who participated! If you, your company, or your organization would like to learn more about Career Chats and our e2e program, please contact

STC Virtual e2e Career Chat: Entrepreneurship

Interested in starting your own business? Not sure what is involved or where to start? Listen to several entrepreneurs from around the country who have started their own businesses. Learn tricks of the trade, best practices, and tips for what you as a high school student should be doing now to prepare for this career.

STC Virtual e2e Career Chat: Finance & Actuary Careers

Who said math isn’t fun? Learn from some of Prudential’s best all about careers in math, especially related to actuary science and finance. Figure out what it takes to turn your interest in math into a high-earning career with lots of opportunity for upward mobility.

STC Virtual e2e Career Chat: Human Resources

HR is way more than just hiring and firing. Check out this panel of HR experts from around the region who share the breadth and depth of what HR does. Learn how you can take an interest in working with people and apply it to a meaningful, diverse career.

STC Virtual e2e Career Chat: Amelia Childs, Entrepreneur

So many people are interested in starting their own restaurant, but where do you start? Check out this short video from one restaurant owner who talks about how she turned her passion for food/drinks into a real restaurant!

STC Virtual e2e Career Chat: Martine Smith, NJ Transit

Communication and outreach are vital for companies and organizations to thrive, but what does it mean? Check out this short video from an education and community outreach expert currently at NJ Transit as she shares a little about what it takes to be in communications and outreach.

STC Virtual e2e Career Chat: Sabrina Noel, Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist, Department of Homeland Security

Did you know there is a career to help address issues of discrimination in companies and organizations? Check out this short video from an expert in addressing discrimination through a career as an Equal Employment Opportunity officer. Nearly every company and HR department has someone dedicated to resolving discrimination in the workplace, so be the change you wish to see by pursing this career!

STC Virtual e2e Career Chat: Ken Colton, Finance

Who wants to make a lot of money??? If so, and if you are ready for the exciting, challenging, and fast-paced, math-heavy world of finance, check out this video by a finance guru who leveraged his talent to make a lot of money on Wall Street managing money for various clients from families to large corporations! Learn also how to make yourself stand out in your resume and interviews – there are some great tips for everyone in this short video.