On May 30th, our fantastic STC NYC team worked with East Bronx Academy to host a stellar career fair for about 600 middle and high school students, with about 25 professionals from a variety of industries there to speak with students about post-secondary career opportunities. The careers represented included…




  • The airline industry (featuring Jet Blue representatives)
  • The fashion industry (a Parsons School graduate turned Calvin Klein e-commerce manager)
  • The cosmetology industry (a healthcare administer with a “side hustle” that included being a styling assistant to Michelle Obama’s hairstylist!)
  • The healthcare industry (a registered nurse with a great story of moving up in his career after taking a 6 week training course at the age of 17 and being offered 3 nursing assistant positions 2 or 3 days after graduation)
  • EMTs (with an ambulance parked in front of the school for students to explore and learn more about what happens during a transport)
  • The Coast Guard
  • The NY Police Department
  • And more!

Thanks to our awesome STC Newark team for joining, and sending us a great write-up. Congratulations to our fantastic STC NYC team and EBA on such an impactful, insightful event! (Emojis to protect student privacy!) Want to volunteer with STC? Click here!