For the past couple of months, high school senior Jasiah has been interning with Schools That Can (STC) NYC.
Jasiah attends Hudson High School of Learning & Technology, a district high school that encourages its students to explore their passions and build real world expertise through learning experiences outside of the classroom. In their senior year, students work on a “Big Idea” project in which they conduct research to learn about an issue of their choosing, and as they complete project benchmarks, they earn flex time to go out and pursue out-of-school opportunities such as internships.


Having attended both a charter and district school, Jasiah has developed a mature perspective on the essence of education and its role in shaping young men and women into not only students, but also social citizens. Jasiah thus decided to learn more about educational systems and different kinds of schools for his Big Idea project. In addition to his own research and reflection, Jasiah has attended STC school recruitment visits, helped out with a local Roundtable, was a volunteer at STC’s National Forum in Harlem, and is currently helping STC gather and analyze data on its national cross-sector network of schools.


Recently, Hudson recognized Jasiah for this work by presenting him with an ICAPPP award. Jasiah’s advisor, Mr. Tim Comer explained that the “ICAPPP awards celebrate Hudson’s Core values.  We chose Jasiah because he has demonstrated excellence in the field of “Perspective.”  He is applying aspects of his life and all 13 years of education to reflect on the effect that school has on individuals; at a population level.  We are all very proud of the work that he is doing and thankful for the opportunities and assistance [Schools That Can has] supplied.”