STC Prudential Math Report

Prudential Newark Math Initiative Working Group Report: Bridging the High School to College Math Gap

Since its founding, Prudential has been a committed steward and anchor institution in the City of Newark, providing employment for thousands of residents. Yet, many residents do not meet the educational requirements necessary for higher-skill, math-intensive positions. Seeing this challenge, the team at Prudential convened community leaders several years ago to ask the question: how do we strengthen the math skills of Newark youth, thus preparing them for math-intensive, high-skill careers at firms like Prudential? From those convenings, Prudential emerged with lists of suggestions on how to strengthen math skills in Newark youth and create a citywide math culture in Newark. Prudential then partnered with nonprofit Schools That Can (STC) Newark to coordinate some of these efforts. Thus was born the Prudential Newark Math Initiative.

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