Schools That Can has long been a resource for thoughtful, interactive conversations  in the K-12 education space. Since our first National Forum in 2006 that brought together school leaders across sectors to share their experiences, part of our mission has been to create space for leaders in education across sectors, levels, and environments to exchange ideas about pressing challenges facing education. 

This May, we’ll celebrate our 19th year of annual Forums. From traveling to different cities, including Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Newark, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia, hosting these events, to virtual gatherings with audiences logging on from around the world, these Forums are opportunities for thought-provoking and inspiring discussions. As we approach  our May 2024 Forum, we wanted to share a glimpse at our expansive Ed Chats programming. Currently, Schools That Can’s thought leadership includes…

  • STC Forum, hosted annually 
  • STC EdChats, hosted once per semester 
  • Study Group of provosts from four diverse institutions discussing the value of universities, including leaders from Rutgers Newark (state), City Colleges of Chicago (city community), Carnegie Mellon University (private) and Southern New Hampshire University (national, virtual). Conversation among students and families about whether college is worth the cost sparked the concept for this discussion.
  • Thought Leadership Group of exemplary leaders meeting to discuss public education reforms in America. Currently in formation, these leaders are using their skills to consider the future of public education.

We hope you’ll join us on May 22nd for two groundbreaking virtual Forum events:

Education’s Future and AI
Join Paul LeBlanc (President, Southern New Hampshire University) and Sanjay Sarma (Chief Executive Officer, President and Dean of the Asia School of Business, and a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and the Sloan School of Management at MIT) to explore the future of education, artificial intelligence, and connections between the two. RSVP here.

Life Launch: A New Approach to Learning for Life

Join Matt Wunder (CEO & Superintendent and a founder of Da Vinci Schools), Michelle Rainey (Executive Director, DaVinci Connect), Joel Vargas (Vice President of the Education practice at Jobs for the Future), and Yusuf Ahmad (Playlab) for a conversation on new approaches to life-long learning. RSVP here.

See for yourself: You can watch our prior Ed Chats on YouTube, covering topics like what universities will look like in 5 years, putting students first in K-12, educators on challenges and solutions in their schools, and more. Meanwhile, watch our most recent Ed Chat, and some of our favorite conversations from over the years:

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