Every school has it’s own unique environment. It is a special place that makes each child learn all the possibilities of education and then it hopefully helps the child grow up to be well-rounded, successful adults. It’s like a culture of growth away from home. There is always a mission for the betterment of the students. One school that exemplifies how much they care about the whole child is STC school New Branches Charter School. Their effective practices make a way for ensuring their students have a bright future:

At New Branches Charter Academy our mission is to cultivate healthy, productive, and responsible students who are excited to learn and able to lead. Working to achieve this goal we have a group of highly qualified and motivated staff, involved and interested parents, and students who are ready to learn. Our school focuses on teaching the whole student. In addition to our exemplary academic curriculum we teach and model stewardship, responsibility, teamwork and healthy habits. Also, starting in Kindergarten all of our classrooms teach an environmental curriculum, culminating with our specialized 6th grade Environmental Outreach Program.

At New Branches Charter Academy we are privileged to accept students into our school from anywhere in the state of Michigan. We welcome families from all walks of life and value the diversity we have in our community.

Effective Practice: 

HOSTS and MATCH are mentoring programs for our students who need extra help in either reading or math. Older students, parents and community volunteers spend a half hour working with students during the school day.

HOSTS (Helping One Student To Succeed) is a reading and writing mentoring program

MATCH (Math Achievement Through Community Helpers) is our mentoring program that focuses on Math.

Research shows that through one-to-one teaching students:

*Learn Faster
*Become More Self-Reliant
*Increase Their Self-Esteem
*Attend School More Regularly
*Have Fewer Discipline Problems

Mentors for New Branches students include:

*Community Members
*Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles
*6th, 7th and 8th Grade Students
*New Branches School Staff
*College Students

Have any exciting effective practices to share? Let us know at Trichards@schoolsthatcan.org.