Many school environments have their own models to set forth. It can really create the dynamic culture that makes it unique and strong. All who live and breath there on a daily basis become a part of that culture; some of it follows them home and even more so once they walk out of the school doors for the last time. One school that shows a dynamic culture is the St. Cecilia School in St. Louis. This environment strives to “empower students to be of service to the community by encouraging them to aspire toward academic excellence, spiritual growth, open-mindedness, and independent thinking.” For it to continue with excellence, St. Cecilia has effective practices that help it’s students go on to becoming successful individuals.

In order to accomplish our mission, St. Cecilia is committed to the following best practices:

• rigorous academic programs and integrated curriculum
• celebrating racially and economically diverse classrooms
• encouraging children to be thoughtful, reflective, creative, and industrious in pursuing knowledge
• offering support and opportunities to succeed in high school and college
• partnering with students and families who are dedicated to working hard
• service in the neighborhood
• liberating and empowering learning experiences
• lifelong learners
• fostering responsible citizenship
• embracing the Nativity Miguel school model, which includes an extended day and year, graduate support, and over 40 enrichment programs
• Current programming focuses: anti-bullying awareness for faculty, students, and parents; intensive high school preparation in middle school; school-wide accelerated reading program