Educating the whole child is a model many schools choose to follow. Each school is aware that it isn’t only the academic area that needs growth, but also the character. While every child hopefully learns the lessons taught to them, each will learn at his/her own pace. It isn’t a race for knowledge but a journey. This is a strong belief emphasized at da Vinci Primary School.

This school located in Jackson, MI believes in the potential of all it’s students. The effective practices shed light to the dynamic culture da Vinci has for the future of it’s students:

Emphasis at da Vinci is placed on the mastery of essential learning and skills.  A variety of assessment methods are utilized on a frequent basis to evaluate students’ progress and determine how best to help students become well-educated citizens.  When students reach the Secondary level they are offered two pathways to earning a high school diploma:

The Career and Technological Preparation Pathway

The College Preparation Pathway

Instruction at da Vinci is provided through a wide variety of courses and activities, all of which are multi-age, flexible and project-centered.  They require active participation on the part of students.  Students who select the College Preparation Program will be expected to earn a minimum of fifteen semester credits at Jackson Community College. Students who enroll in the Career and Technical Program will be required to successfully complete a course of study at the Jackson Area Career Center or in a career-related internship.  Students are able to graduate from JCC and da Vinci simultaneously by attending classes at both schools if they show high academic abilities.