This Thursday, Chancellor Fariña visited VOICE Charter School, named a “top-performing charter” by Chalkbeat NY. Chancellor Fariña praised its innovative practice to boost language acquisition: combining rigorous academics with daily instruction in choral singing.

“If you use music and movement, dance, you can accelerate language,” said Franklin Headley, Principal of VOICE Charter School.

Chancellor Fariña believes other schools could learn from VOICE, and that’s exactly why VOICE is a leader within the Schools That Can (STC) network.

STC breaks through silos to create a safe, non-politically charged environment where leaders can share innovative practices and identify solutions to common challenges in urban education.

As a member of STC, VOICE is actively engaged in STC NYC’s local programs which facilitate peer learning with charter, district, and independent schools across NYC.

“We love learning from across the sector, and STC has helped facilitate that relationship with great schools like PS 69,” said Principal Franklin Headley.