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As we embark on a new academic year, bursting with new team members, exciting new programming, and more innovation around the education to employment pathway than ever before, we’re creating a space to think, talk, and share about career readiness and beyond. From student interviews and opinion pieces to conversations with industry leaders and educators, STC Chats will be an inside look at STC’s programming, and how it fits into a bigger reimagining of work, education, and how the two fit together.

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Needing some inspiration? We asked STC’s team for their best back-to-school advice…and their tips didn’t disappoint:


“Find ways to incorporate joy and laughter in your daily life, to keep breathing through the stress, and to show flexibility and reciprocity to all of the folks in our personal and professional communities.”

– Daniel Dzodin, Program Manager, STC Pittsburgh

“Remember that each new school year is a fresh start. Try to approach it with an open heart, and an open mind!”

– Emily Kohan, STC Operations and HR Director

“If I had to give my younger self one back-to-school tip it would be to create a routine that I can stick with! Sometimes routines can feel boring but they’re a great way to ensure consistency which will lead to success!”

– Anijeh Green, Program Director, STC NYC

“Ask questions! Be open to exploring new ideas.”

– Joanna Eliasof, Program Manager, STC Newark; Ashaki Goodall, Executive Director, STC Newark